A Christmas Day snafu at the South Carolina Lottery is similar to the Fun 5’s scratch-off scandal in Texas.  However, the contrast between the way the Texas lottery treated their lottery players and the way the South Carolina lottery is treating their players says everything you need to know about the lottery in Texas.

First, when the South Carolina lottery found out that ticket holders were promised a prize on their tickets but were not receiving that prize, they shut the game down immediately.  Compare that with the Texas Fun 5’s.  When over 100 lottery players per day started calling the Texas Lottery offices to complain that they had been defrauded, the Texas Lottery staff immediately sprang into action and prepared to shut down the Fun 5’s game.  All the Texas staff needed was the go-ahead from Executive Lottery director Gary Grief.  Guess what.  Grief let the game run for another seven weeks. That’s right.  Over 100 lottery players per day were upset enough to call and report that the Fun 5’s ticket had defrauded them and Grief let the game continue to run.  Why?  We don’t know. Could it be because the Fun 5’s ticket was their best selling scratch-off ticket and Grief’s goal was to bring in as much money as possible, regardless of whether the players thought they were being defrauded?

The second contrast is in how the South Carolina lottery has acted towards their players since their snafu.  The Associated Press reports that the South Carolina lottery has already voted to set aside $19.6 million which is the amount necessary to pay all the players who thought they had winning tickets.  Guess how much the Texas Lottery set aside to pay Texas lottery players whose tickets said they were winners.  Zero.  That’s right, our own lottery told Texas players whose tickets said they were winners to take a hike.  So much for fairness and honesty.

The third contrast is that the South Carolina lottery announced they were opening an investigation of Inralot, the lottery operator that printed the defective tickets and programmed the computers.  More importantly, the South Carolina lottery is consulting with its attorneys to see what rights it has against Intralot.  Don’t be surprised to see some action by the South Carolina lottery to make Intralot pay the lottery players for the mistake made by Intralot.  By comparison, we aren’t aware of any action whatsoever on the part of the Texas Lottery to make Gtech/IGT , the lottery operator responsbile for the defective Fun 5’s tickets, pay the winning ticket holders here in Texas.  Why the difference?  Why did the Texas Lottery fail to take steps against Gtech/IGT?  If any of you out there know the reason, let us know.

In the meantime, we are going to continue to shine a light on the lottery in Texas and to work to restore fairness and honesty to it.  If you want to join us in that effort, fill out our Subscribe form to receive updates from us.  Sign our Petition to Restore Fairness and Honesty to the Lottery in Texas.  Send us your ideas on how we can make the lottery more fair and honest for the seven million Texans who enjoy playing the lottery.



  1. Horrible, its criminal. We lost everything to over 6 ft of hurricane harvey flood waters that was in our home and vehicles for 2 weeks, the money i won yrs ago from tx lottery fun 5 game could have helped us go back home already. Instead still kids want to go home, we are in more debt then ever before and still dont know when we will beable to rebuild.
    How can they steal what it rightfully ours and shame us for asking for it.

  2. I believe we should outline the difference between South Carolina lottery and the Texas lottery fairness and honesty. Point out how South Carolina lottery has reacted upon claims of fraud. They immediate set aside fees and open an investigation unlike Texas turn blind eyes. Get every player to sign and post it in the local paper or any news broadcaster that would show how Texas operate its lottery instead of making a wrong right.

  3. Has Texas given up, we don’t give up because of dishonest companies, we fight for the rights of the people for playing the lottery to make everybody Rich.
    Then in a instance you get a ticket that says Your a winner, and The Texas Lottery does not honor your winning ticket, because of a few dishonest people that run the Lottery!
    So in playing the fun five ticket, they made a mistake on the ticket of no period at the end of a sentence so the error was made, and this made fun fives a winning ticket…all of us that won has suffer, they could have paid us with the extra money the six weeks was making. My question is WHY are WE letting them get Away with this ! They add that period now, you bet your a— on That…look at tickets that are selling now, that period is always there!

  4. I had a small business a few years ago and a mistake was made on the pricing . The wrong label was put the product which we lost $ on each one sold . We didn’t ask the consumer to return each item . We honored the tag price . If you want to stay in business you have to treat the customer fairly. The lotto has treated us very unfairly. If this doesn’t get resolved and honor our tickets I’ve purchased my last ticket.

  5. We need to continue putting pressure on our elected officials (state reps/governor etc..) and let them know we have been robbed of our winnings and either the TLC pay its winners or they put pressure themselves on gtech and begin their own investiagtion.

  6. Why should they be honest if we continue to play their games even if they are being shady in some of their games.

  7. Maybe this is already being looked into… Wouldn’t be interesting to find out if the fun 5’s lawsuit had ANY influence (and we know it did) on the way south caralina handle this similar case… which seems perfectly. Since there hadn’t been anything prior to fun 5’s lawsuit to simulate any kind of direction of handling things in the Texas lottery… what’s the difference of using something that happens during a the long time of 3 years plus ongoing lawsuit than it happening before?

    If South Carolina were to openly admit they did have some structure changed or direct influence from the fun 5’s lawsuit on the RIGHT way of handling their same situation… that could be huge in the advantage for the fun 5’s player who’s being cheated out of millions. Who’s to say all lottery states haven’t taking the same measures of action? I guarantee this…if something like the fun 5’s lawsuit ever happens again in Texas, they would certainly carry it out differently. The time and money spent on the case already plus all the stress each fun 5’s player is and has been going through should be enough to have a better structure for fraud claims! Fraud claims for companies as large as GTEC should have concrete structure already. At least something better than “he said she said.” Wonder if GTEC has the odds on each ticket a bit higher than they did prior fun 5’s lawsuit to make up a bigger pool for them for when they do have to pay back fun 5 players!!!

  8. I believe “WE” should demand by and through our legislative body that they should stop discriminating against the Texas Lottery Players by creating a just and fair board to hear legitimate claims under the TEXAS LOTTERY CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT that will protect those who play Texas lottery games. A Constitutional mandate should be put in place protecting those who play the Texas games since the lottery games are operated by a state of sovereign immunity that hold no dignity or respect for its lottery players to be just and fair. Happy 2018 FUN’S FIVE PLAYERS

  9. The fairness ?? What a joke !! I think it’s a total crock of sh$&. There is however many people fighting this total illegal act against a insured, government contracted business. Trusted by our appointed representatives for the Texas lottery !!i can’t believe how long this has taken!! In grade school one of the first thing we are all taught is basic reading and grammar.
    So questions a on this ticket are so plain and if you read each part there’s no way to to deny there f$&k up !!! If it Texas lottery or gtec. Does not matter one bit at all. I know this because I use to sub contract for government maintaince jobs. The insurance I had to carry to clean the toilets alone was insane. And you think gtec didn’t have insurance. No $&&ing way at alll. The ticket was a misprint from the start. We all paid our hard working money to play there game. Plaid by there rules and lose ?? Bullshit. The periods and commas say it alll. When you read it exactly the way it says to play there game they lose case closed. Hey )$$$ed up it happens welcome to life gtec that’s why you have to have insurance!!!! I personally own on servers tickets on just one part of the three games !!! Each of witch was correctly written. Now own you shit gtec or Texas lotto. Whoever. The government not only wins thee art but there part of every win on every game !!! Enough is enough. If the Supreme Court can figure out they made a mistake and needs to do the right thing the world is becoming worse than ever. It’s time to pay the average player the money they deserve. Don’t worry Texas you always get your part not earn it !!

  10. South Carolina won’t pay out they voted yesterday to refund the purchase price and postage!!!!!!

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