Lottery Player Tim G. had a question for us:

Question:  “I guess there is a lot I do not understand. Nothing against Italy but why would USA use their contractor for it? If a store in USA sold you an item for 10.00 dollars because marked and scanned at ten comes to you later and says you owe us more can they take you to court?  I think you get to keep what you bought I don’t know for sure?

Does a contractor of the lottery get paid very much or a percentage? Does it take a lot of people to run it?Have they ever shown a loss or no profits? Would contractor here be charged so much in taxes that he would just move office or something? The opinion of most seems to be why are you null and void on rights that people are supposed to have to use when done wrong and it matters about facts more than anything that was made by opinion of one and another few?

If they were really punished or really had to fear paying up I bet they would make sure to do it right and hopefully honest for the millions involved and how slim the chances are for them to win anything at all?

It is already stacked pretty high odds of winning I think? Good luck.”

Answer:  Tim,  Gtech Corporation (which goes by the trade name IGT) is a U.S. subsidiary of a billion dollar Italian gambling company.  It runs lotteries all over the world and more than half the state lotteries in the United States.  It is supposed to be an expert in designing and operating scratch-off lottery games.

According to the lawyers’ briefs filed recently in the Austin and Dallas courts, Gtech receives 2.21% of lottery ticket sales as compensation for operating the lottery in Texas.  According to TLC Executive Director, Gary Grief, the Texas Lottery ended fiscal year 2017 with $5.077 billion in sales.  Check our math but by our calculations, it looks like Gtech made at least $112,201,700 from us, the lottery players, last year as operator of the lottery.  That doesn’t even count the extra money that Gtech earns when it designs and sells a scratch-off game to the TLC.


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