Bobby B. sent us the following comment about on-line lottery ticket sales which are not currently permitted in Texas:

“I think it’s a fact that lot of folks are using the internet for personal business.  Playing the lottery draw games via internet is gaining popularity in many states.  Why not Texas?

True. Convenience stores rely on lottery traffic for business, and would no doubt oppose on-line sales.  Too bad.

Our politicians are avoiding this issue, for fear of losing contributions (bribes) from business owners.  But, maybe this would change if enough lottery players (voters) would demand the legislature put on-line play up for discussion. I’ve sent emails to all of the political leaders but received no replies.” — Bobby B.

Bobby, our mission at LPAT is to promote honesty and fairness in the lottery.  We would be interested to hear opinions from our readers about whether on-line ticket sales would or would not promote that goal.  If any lottery players have thoughts or information on this subject, leave a comment below.



  1. I think online would be great. As far as honesty and fairness goes, I wonder if we will ever get there or not. Our lottery in Texas is currently trying to ripoff hundreds of people in the Fun 5 lawsuit scandle. Our politicians are not doing anything about that so far. But at least we seem to have some fair judges in Texas, so who knows what might happen.

  2. While it is rare for me to play draw games it would be a convenient (on line sales) sales avenue for theTLC to increase revenue. Personally, I think it would benefit players with sick children or other extenuating circumstances which prevented an actual trip to the store. It may also open more opportunities for the TLC to get out of paying winning tickets. The idea has pros and cons but i think the inherent risk is more likely going to be felt by players trying to redeem winners. The business owners who will complain about lost revenue because of a decrease in foot traffic to their stores should not even be a consideration in the discussion, in my humble opinion but the players stand to lose more than they would gain, from a convenieve stsndpoint. We are experiencing an awfully hard time holding them accountable, as it is.

    That’s my two cents.

    Kristopher Michael Galland

  3. online is good for several reasons: don’t need to stock physical tickets which can take a lot of space, you just store on your computer,2. no hassle with store cashiers selling the tickets. 3. more of your own control

  4. In my humblest opinion, I am hoping they get rid of the Texas Lottery. Online ticket printing will not bring about any fairness in this game of greed. I am all for a fair lottery system but in the midst of the fun 5’s game and for years being a player. Hearing about lottery officials rigging the machines, I am sick and tired of the unfairness. The questions that needs to be answered is Why does only 1 person hit huge jackpots. The TLC programs these machines and they know when the system will hit. They don’t know who will hit but you better believe they know the city and state. Look at the scratch tickets, how can one city (Houston, San Antonito) area repeatedly keep having top winners. Its all rigged. sorry for rambling lol..And I always said to myself this is unfortunate, they will never put top winning tickets in the poor neighborhoods.

  5. I can only hope and pray that this issue gets resolved soon, as I have terminal cancer. I was given 12 months in December. I am doing chemotherapy to extend my life.
    Regardless, my only child is my beneficiary and I will have something to leave to him.

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