We are an unincorporated non-profit association of lottery players working for a fair and honest lottery in Texas.  We became alarmed by the Fun 5’s scratch-off game scandal in 2014 when over 1,000 of our fellow lottery players bought tickets that said they were winners.  When they tried to collect their prizes, the lottery commission refused to pay. Although we, the founders of this association were not winners, we saw the disappointment and anguish caused to friends and relatives who thought they had won a prize that could make a real change in their lives.

A lawsuit filed in Austin by those players revealed that the staff of the Texas Lottery Commission was receiving over 100 calls per day from players who complained they had been defrauded.  Even though his staff made preparations to immediately shut down the Fun 5’s game, the Executive Director of the lottery allowed sales of the misleading tickets to continue.  He was later complimented by the head of the Texas Lottery Commission for bringing in a record amount of money that year from us, the lottery players.

Now a trial court and a court of appeals in Dallas have ruled that the billion dollar Italian corporation that operates the lottery and came up with the misleading language on the Fun 5’s tickets cannot by sued by lottery players, even if they could prove fraud.  Something is wrong with our system.

We started a petition asking Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, and the Speaker of the House Joe Straus to restore honesty and fairness to the lottery in Texas.  Nearly 9,000 of you signed the petition.  If you haven’t yet done so, CLICK HERE to sign.  We will report their response to you here on our website.

We will continue to ask questions of our elected representatives and judges until we are convinced that they are doing everything in their power to ensure that our games are fair and honest.

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