Lottery Player Sarah G. sent us a good question about the Dallas Court of Appeals’ decision to give “immunity” from fraud lawsuits to GTECH, the lottery operator:

“How can they use a “RETIRED” judge to proceed over this lawsuit? If he is retired he is no longer an elected official. When he retired he gave that position to the next judge who has been elected. The meaning of retired is no longer working. It is unlawful to allow him to make a ruling on this lawsuit. Was he re-elected back into practice? I dont believe any elected official would touch this lawsuit with a 10 ft pole, so they had to find someone who would, although he is no longer an active member of our judicial system. Things that make you go hmmm. This is one of many reasons why we the people are losing faith with the judicial system and the corruption of our great nation.”

— Sarah G.


    1. Awesome. One way or the other it is wrong. It would be nice to know for sure if it is truly legal. I’m sure the found some ridiculous loop hole.

  1. After further investigation into “Retired” Judge Martin Richter he was actually voted off the Bench in the 2012 primary’s. The voter’s should be outraged that he is still allowed to continue to make Legal Opinion’s/Ruling’s?

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